Main three finance concerns for unmarried couples

Well, as we all know that in recent times many couples out there prefer being unmarried yet living together. This basically gives them the freedom that they are looking out for and they can also be financially independent of each other. But this type of relationship can give rise to problems on the basis of finance.

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What are the three topmost concerns?

  • Medical and health issues: for an unmarried couple it is essential to understand that either of the two can have some health issue which could also turn out to be something deadly in the long run. Well, but since there is no marriage the other person tends to become incapable and might not be able to take the required decisions if in case the sick partner becomes disabled. So it is essential that required agreements are being made in order not to suffer from finance issues in the long run.
  • The joint accounts along with the assets: these days many unmarried couples have a joint account wherein they contribute money in order to have a better future but in case they don’t end up together over a period of years then this entire thing will be a huge mess. So, in such situations, it is recommended to have an individual account. Also, the couple shouldn’t make bigger investments together because this too might be an issue in the future.
  • The issue of the income tax: unmarried couples tend to pay their taxes individually and thus end up not enjoying the other benefits which are usually offered to couples who are married. But you can consult a consultant and get the details of what other opportunities you can actually benefit from. It is sensible not to buy joint assets which will have taxes on them.

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